Most Comfortable Bike to Ride for Everyday Long Distance

Most Comfortable Bike to Ride for Everyday Long Distance

What do you seek for while you hire or purchase a bike for long drive in your everyday usage? Basically many of the people care for the look of the bike first instead of the functionality. Well, of course looks matter, but what more matter on primary basis are fuel capacities, seating position, street-handling, brakes, grips of tyres and most of all, the performance of the engine. Along with these, there are a lot more stuff to keep in mind regarding the overall performance of a motorcycle. Expert and experienced bikers always compare various bikes and choose their vehicle which match their necessity and passion. A good number of people in Siliguri have been seen to look for hiring suitable bikes for everyday use. Darjeeling Bikes serve these following bikes to those riders according to the average consumer demand.

Thunderbird 350/500


Royal Enfield Thunderbird is popular for its easy handling, solid fuel tank, comfort and a boss-like look. With both 350cc and 500cc fuel tank, this range of RE motorbike is designed and developed for the long ride on highways and rough lands of the Himalayas.

Classic 350/500


The dashing and classy look with excellent support in the busy traffic of city-life is what Royal Enfield Classic is basically known for. It comes in various types, based on the function and fuel capacity. The most favourite of the Classic range for Nepal trip is 350cc and 500cc.

Avenger 150/ 220


This biking giant by Bajaj is mostly favoured because of its iconic style and design, DTS-i engine, engine cooling system, wheels, comfortable seating position, handlebar that has excellent control on streets etc. Both the models with 150cc and 220cc fuel tank are suitable for Nepal roads.

Bajaj Pulsar 150


In terms of performance based on its features, Pulsar is definitely one of the common bikes that India rides, especially for the hills and jungles. You need to explore this region of Eastern Himalayas on a bike like the Pulsar with 150cc fuel capacity, DTS-i engine, massive power and torque and so on.

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