Reasons why Royal Enfield remains to be the optimum choice for the mountains

A recent TV advertisement by an Indian automobile manufacturer has sparked quite a controversy among bikers and two-wheeler fans. After releasing their latest 400 cc bike the company has launched a powerful ad campaign against Royal Enfield. The catchphrase of their campaign “Haathi Mat Paalo”, literally meaning “Don’t pet an elephant” has got Royal Enfield fans enraged to say the least. The ad compares the Royal Enfield motorcycles with an elephant, probably hinting at the bulkiness, the low top-speed and the difficult maneuvering of the bike. While it is true that the current Royal Enfield models come with decade old designs and aren’t as easy to ride today’s bikes, they have their own appeal and there are a hell of a lot of reasons why you should buy or rent a Royal Enfield if you are planning to hit the mountains soon.


Be it the Bullet, the Classic or the Thunderbird, you can rely on the Royal Enfield to make your journey safe and smooth. The bikes have been around in India for over 6 decades. The reliability of these bikes had prompted the Indian Government to order 800 of the 350 cc models in 1955. It was then that Royal Enfield partnered with Madras Motors to produce the line-up in India and the rest, as they say, is history. The Bullet 500 is still being sold by the brand and is the jewel in their crown. If you are planning to cover a distance of 500 km in a day then there’s no bike which can do it apart from the Royal Enfield 500 cc motorcycles.

Power and Torque

Over the years Enfield bikes have emerged as the best option for professional biking. The bikes ply through the most dangerous and rugged terrains on the mountains with the least bit of effort. Places where most other 390 or 400 cc bikes would suffer chassis damage and become uncontrollable, the Royal Enfield maintains a steady pace and its sturdy design keeps it together without suffering any kind of damage. The single cylinder engines are powerful enough to generate a massive amount of Torque. The Thunderbird for example is built for highway cruising and can reach a 110 km/h within seconds and its 4 stoke, Twinspark 500 cc engine  provides a maximum torque of 41.3 Nm @4000 rpm. How does that sound for powerful?

Easy to repair

Since the Enfield has been around in the country for over 60 years, almost every mechanic in the country knows how to go about fixing it. You might be traveling through a desolate village in mountainous regions when you start having engine trouble. You come across a small garage, perhaps the only one servicing the entire village. There’s still a high chance that the 50 year old man running the shop will get your vehicle up and running. It is also pocket friendly and won’t cost you the world.

The Legacy

When you ride a Royal Enfield bike, you’re not only riding a bike but a 115 yearlegacy. A legacy that sparked off in England and has now found its place in Chennai, India. There is nothing better than storming through the mountains like a king in a Royal Enfield. Sports bikes come and go. People ogling at your new sports bike today won’t even look back at it after a year or two, once it is replace by a newer model. But the Enfield motorcycles are irreplaceable and riders view it with the same amount of respect and love as they did 100 years ago.

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