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Rent a bike with us, for an adventurous experience


1. Who can hire a bike from Darjeeling Bikes?

Ans. Any Indian or foreign national who has a valid driving license for driving in India.

2. I don’t have a driving license but I know riding or validity of my driving license failed, can I rent out bike/s from Darjeeling Bikes?

Ans. A big NO.

3. How can I rent out bike/s from Darjeeling Bikes?

Ans. To rent out bike/s from Darjeeling Bikes, you have to fill the enquiry form at our website and if available we will let you know over email and then you have to deposit advance amount in our account and mail the copy of your advance, your bike booked.

4. Where I can go with the bike?

Ans. You can go to tourist places in Darjeeling, Sikkim, Dooars & Bhutan.

5. Do I have to tell my program while taking the bike?

Ans. Yes, you have to tell where you will be going with the bikes.

6. I don’t know where to visit, whom to ask for suggestion?

Ans. Don’t know where to go, no problem, we have a experienced team who will help you making your tour program.

7. Is there any security deposit?

Ans. Yes and it is Rs.30000/- per bike.

8. Is the security deposit refundable?

Ans. Yes, you will get your security deposit at time of returning the bike.

9. Other than security deposit do I have to deposit any other original documents?

Ans. No, you don’t have to deposit any other original documents although you have to give a copy of any of your photo with address ID along with original for verification at the time of taking the delivery of bike.

10. From where I can take the delivery of the bike?

Ans. You can take the bike from our office Siliguri, Deshbandhu Para.

11. Where I have to return the bike?

Ans. You have to return the bike at our office Siliguri, Deshbandhu Para.

12. Can I ask to change the pick up or return place?

Ans. Yes but you have to pay extra Rs.200/- for Railway Station and Rs.400/- for Airport each time.

13. What is the rent per day?

Ans. For 350CC bike Rs.1500/- and for 500CC bike Rs.1900/- per day.

14. When can I pay the rental amount?

Ans. At time of taking the delivery of bike along with security deposit you have to pay full rental amount.

15. My partner does not have a driving license; can he/she ride the bike?

Ans. No in any case.

16. Do I have to carry my own helmet and how many?

Ans. No, Darjeeling Bikes will provide two helmets per bike although if you are uncomfortable with others, you should carry of your own.

17. How do we fit our luggage in the bike if we are two?

Ans. All our bikes come with luggage carrier known as Ladakh Carrier and a large amount of luggage can be settled in that.

18. Am I legally authorized to ride the bike?

Ans. Yes, Darjeeling Bikes will hand over all the legal original paper along with a authorization latter signed by the owner and duly signed by you with your photograph on it at the time of taking the delivery.

19. Do I have to return all the paper at the time of returning the bike?

Ans. Other than the authorize letter you have to hand over all the original documents at the time of returning the bike and authorize letter will be destroyed then in your presence.

20. If I lost the original documents of the bike?

Ans. In case you lost all the documents, you have to pay Rs.5000/- for making duplicate documents.

21. Does Darjeeling Bikes provide spare parts and what are the charges?

Ans. Yes, Darjeeling Bikes will provide randomly required spare parts and will charge only those used.

22. If I do any maintenances of the bike in the renting period, will be refundable by Darjeeling Bikes?

Ans. No, you have to bear the maintenance expenses of the renting period, as Darjeeling Bikes provide bikes after quality inspection and if found any fault fix that before giving. And one more thing before handing over any bikes Darjeeling Bikes always do servicing such as Engine Oil Change etc.

23. What are the chances of getting an old bike?

Ans. Zero, as all bikes are made on 2012 or after.

24. In case of any damage of the bike or theft what do I do?

Ans. In such cases call Darjeeling Bikes and they will guide you in that situation.

25. At the last moment my program changed and I have to reschedule/cancel my program, what is the procedure and charges?

Ans. In case of change of plan for any unavoidable circumstances whether rescheduling or cancel of the program you have to pay some charges and for that look our cancellation policy and in case of rescheduling if the bike/s is available on your reschedule date we will be more than happy to serve you.